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Get Started with Windows

Welcome to your new Dell PC with Windows! Whether you're a first-time Windows user or an experienced one, these tips will help you get started and optimize your Dell PC. From customizing your desktop to exploring the pre-installed apps, we’ve got you covered.

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Unbox Your Dell
Unbox Your Dell

See our quick guide to unpack, connect, and get started with your new Dell computer.

Register Your Dell
Register Your Dell

Register your Dell computer to get personalized support, critical product updates, and more.

Set Up Windows
Set Up Windows

Let us walk you through setting up Windows for the first time on your new computer.

Unbox Your Dell
A step-by-step guide to unpacking, connecting it to a power source and getting started with your computer.
Set Up Windows
Learn how to install Windows for the first time with this step-by-step guide to ensure a smooth setup process and avoid common errors.
Register Your Dell
Register your device to get personalized support, expedited diagnostics, critical product updates, and more.
Get Your Own Dell Account
Dell account provides an easy, more centralized way to manage your tech. Sign in with your Dell account on SupportAssist or to get personalized support.
Update Windows and Drivers
Keep your Dell device optimized. Learn how to update Windows and drivers effortlessly. Enhance performance and security with our step-by-step guide.
Personalize Your Windows
Learn how to customize Windows - change wallpaper, display settings, add users, enhance security, and more. Make your PC truly yours with these tips.
Back Up and Recovery
Learn how to safeguard your Windows device with backup solutions and recover your data in case of emergencies. Explore step-by-step instructions for efficient backup and recovery.
Set Up Your Peripherals
Learn how to set up external devices like displays, printers, and webcams to enhance your laptop or desktop. Easy step-by-step instructions.
Apps For Your Dell
Discover the suite of Dell applications pre-installed on your computer. Learn how to optimize your Dell experience with these powerful tools.
Connect to a Network
Learn how to connect your device to your home, work, or a public hotspot wireless network, or using a network cable to get online.
Windows Operating System Support
Find information about Dell systems that have been tested for Windows upgrades, and get help to fix common issues with Windows on your Dell PC.

Video Resources

Getting Started: Unboxing your Dell

Got a new Dell laptop or desktop? 

Welcome your new Dell computer by unboxing it with our step-by-step guide. Let us show you how to unpack, connect your computer to a power source, and turn it on. Carefully unpack, remove plastics, and plug in using the provided power cable or AC adapter. For desktops, learn how to set up a monitor and peripherals, like a keyboard and mouse. Turn on your computer and effortlessly set up your new device for an exceptional Dell experience.

Next, let us help you set up Windows on your new Dell computer.
Getting Started: Set Up Windows

New to Windows?

This quick guide eases your setup process. Choose country, keyboard, and connect to the internet. Name your device, accept the license, and select personal or work/school use. Log in with your Microsoft account or create one. For more features and apps, explore the 'Get Started' app. Simplify your Windows setup with these easy steps!

Next, let’s download and install the latest Windows updates and drivers.
Getting Started: Set Up External Peripherals

Let us give you a quick overview of how to connect external devices such as displays, printers, and webcam to your new Windows PC. 
After you set up your external devices, go to our personalize your Windows page to learn how to customize display settings, change the wallpaper, add users, enhance user account security, and more. 

Helpful links (Show/Hide):
If you need additional help to set up a monitor, go to our monitors or displays page
If you need help to fix Bluetooth issues, go to our Bluetooth support page
Want to learn more about Phone Link or having trouble with the Phone Link app? Go to the Phone Link app help & learning page on Microsoft Support. 
If you are having issues with webcam not working, go to our webcam support page. You can also watch our webcam troubleshooting video on YouTube
Need help with a Dell universal or thunderbolt docking station? Go to our Dell Docking Station support page.

Other Resources

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Drivers & Downloads
Download the latest Dell applications and drivers for your Dell.
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Product Documentation
Access product documentation for your Dell such as user manual, service manual, and more.
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Dell Support Library
Find articles and other self-help resources to configure and troubleshoot common issues with your Dell.