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Retrieve a BitLocker Recovery Password or Key Package Using the Dell Data Security Recovery Portal

Summary: This article guides you through the process to retrieve your BitLocker recovery password or key package, from the Dell Data Security Recovery Portal, for a BitLocker protected drive managed by the Dell Security Management Server. ...

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Affected Products:

  • Dell Security Management Server Enterprise
  • Dell Security Management Server Virtual

Affected Versions:

  • v10.2.13 and Later

Log in to the Dell Data Security Recovery Portal:

  1. Using a web browser on your desktop or mobile device go to
  • The example FQDN (fully qualified domain name) differs from the server in your environment.
  • Port 8091 may differ from the port that is used in your environment by the recovery portal.
  1. Log in by entering your domain credentials (

Desktop Recovery Portal login
Figure 1: (English Only) Desktop Recovery Portal login


Mobile Recovery Portal Login
Figure 2: (English Only) Mobile Recovery Portal Login

  1. Enter the recovery ID of the BitLocker protected drive that you are trying to recover, then click get recovery password or create key package.
Note: For assistance locating the BitLocker recovery key ID, reference How to Locate the BitLocker Recovery Key ID for a BitLocker Protected Drive.

Desktop recovery portal
Figure 3: (English Only) Desktop recovery portal


Mobile recovery portal
Figure 4: (English Only) Mobile recovery portal

Note: For more information about the Dell Data Security Server, see the knowledge base articles below:

To contact support, reference Dell Data Security International Support Phone Numbers.
Go to TechDirect to generate a technical support request online.
For additional insights and resources, join the Dell Security Community Forum.

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Dell Encryption

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18 Apr 2024



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