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How to save and back up your configuration on Dell EMC N series switches via Web GUI

Summary: How to save configuration on Dell EMC N series switch

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Save your configuration via the Web GUI


Use the Save button to save the running configuration to the startup configuration. When a user clicks Apply, changes are saved to the running configuration. When the system boots, it loads the startup configuration. Any changes to the running configuration that were not saved to the startup configuration are lost across a power cycle. 


Back up your configuration to an external device via the Web GUI



The file is being uploaded from the switch to the end device, such as your desktop. From your desktop's prespective, you are downloading a file but the switch is still uploading, so we will use File Upload on the switch. 

To upload a file from the switch to a remote system:
  1. Open the File Upload page.
  2. Select the type of file to download to the remote server, in this case configuration.
  3. Select the transfer mode, in this case HTTP or HTTPS. If you select a transfer mode that requires authentication, additional fields appear in the Upload section. If you select HTTP as the upload method, some of the fields are hidden. 
  4. To upload by using HTTP, click Apply. A dialog box opens to allow you to open or save the file.
 If you are using HTTPS to manage the switch, the download method will be HTTPS.

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PowerSwitch N1100-ON Series, PowerSwitch N1500 Series, PowerSwitch N2000 Series, PowerSwitch N2100 Series, PowerSwitch N3000 Series, Dell EMC PowerSwitch N3100 Series, PowerSwitch N4000 Series

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21 Feb 2021



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