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Our customizable online platform simplifies purchasing with personalized product selection, easy ordering and better
management of the procurement processes. Read how our customer Teraoka Seiko is taking advantage of centralized

The Total Economic ImpactTM of Dell Premier

Forrester Consulting interviewed various organizations that have implemented Premier and identified the following benefits:

Increase in procurement team efficiency

Centralizing procurement boosts efficiency, freeing up team members for higher-value projects and reducing the need for new hires.

Decrease in costs due to device standardization

Encouraging staff to order through Premier’s catalog ensured negotiated pricing, prevented rogue spending, and facilitated centralized access to Dell spending data.

30 mins/device
Save in time per device configuration

Deploying Dell Premier improved product standardization, eliminated rogue hardware purchasing, and reduced IT helpdesk ticket time.

Collaborate on advanced business solutions

Customize Portal

Modernize your technology purchasing and free up your IT organization to focus on the bigger picture. Save time and money by shopping our catalog on a tailored platform that gives you greater control over the entire procurement ecosystem.

Global Consistency

Global Consistency

Centralize your global purchasing into a single secure platform. Dell Premier allows for multi-country, multi-currency commerce, eliminating the need for regional pages and ensuring consistency with your orders and pricing.

System Integration

Connect your procurement system and automate your buying process by shopping a customized catalog, from browsing to order requisition to delivery, without ever leaving your own purchasing environment.

IT Service Management

A self-service solution that integrates your IT Service Management system with ours, to allow for end-user-initiated purchasing. Empower your employees to buy the technologies they need, while adhering to your procurement policies.

Discover Dell Premier in action

Dell Premier Simplified Quoting Experience
We’re modernizing the quote experience and making it as straightforward as possible for you to turn quotes into orders quickly and easily.

Simplified quoting experience

Dell Premier - Modern Account Management
Dell Premier is modernizing the purchasing experience and now it’s easier than ever to manage orders and teams with an array of built-in, self-service features that help track invoices and manage orders throughout the procurement process—all within one portal.

Modern account management

Dell Premier Secure, Personalized Shopping
See updated shopping experience in Dell Premier which makes it simple for IT managers and buyers to make informed decisions about the buying process through a secure, personalized shopping experience.

Personalized and secure shopping

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