• Delivering better outcomes for the digital era

    Discover how to deliver better learning outcomes in your school

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    • Building a brighter future, for a better tomorrow

      With the world constantly changing we are all having to adapt and adopt new approaches and technologies. 

      Across the education sector, demand for hybrid learning experiences is increasing. As is the need for you and your school to equip teachers and students with the resources they need to deliver better learning outcomes. 

      At Dell Technologies we are committed to providing support and ensuring your digital strategies are built to last for today and tomorrow. 

    • Our commitment to sustainability

      Our commitment to sustainability

      By 2030, for every product a customer buys, we will reuse or recycle an equivalent product. Learn more about our 2030 goals and Progress Made Real commitment.

    • A best-in class approach for MATs

      A best-in class approach for MATs

      At Dell Technologies, we understand that navigating the centralisation and standardisation complexities of IT products and services in your Multi-Academy Trust (MAT) is a constant challenge. This is why we created a team of experts to guide you on your digital journey and drive innovation and confidence in your schools.

    • Learn more about Dell Financial Services

      Learn more about Dell Financial Services

      Find out how Dell Technologies’ financing solutions can provide your school with the technology you need at a price that suits you.


      Deliver personalised, inclusive learning environments

      Unlock your true potential and alleviate the pressures you face every day with our Readiness for Success Online Course.

      A seven-part video training program to help support on your digital journey to unlocking better learning outcomes both in and outside your classrooms. 


      A brighter future for education

      The need to provide 24/7 uninterrupted, inclusive and highly engaging learning experiences both in and outside the classroom has never been more important.

      With world events accelerating digital adoption at rapid rates, we understand that schools like yours continually need to adapt quickly to hybrid learning arrangements. This can be a complex and challenging task, with tightening budgets and higher expectations further adding pressures we’re committed to empowering educators and students to achieve their full potential.

      Ensuring your students and teachers are connected and provided with opportunities through immersive hardware and software is essential to build brighter futures for both today and tomorrow.

      To discover how Dell Technologies, Microsoft and Intel can help you deliver next generation learning, download our guide - Delivering better learning outcomes.

    • Realising the future potential of the digital classroom

      Technology undoubtedly plays a crucial role in today's education sector, so we partnered with iGov Survey to examine how prepared educational institutions are in fully realising their digital potential.

      Download our study to discover how education practitioners like you are harnessing and adapting technology to improve learning outcomes in their respective schools.

    • Red Kite Learning Trust - Investing in innovation

      Red Kite Learning Trust has given its 8,000 students and 1,300 staff, across 13 schools in Yorkshire, the ability to overcome the challenge of digital transformation by investing in Dell Technologies’ solutions.

      The Trust wanted a common managed infrastructure that would give all pupils and teachers access to better classroom technology. The schools now have equal opportunity and inclusivity for its students, a standardised learning environment across the board and a successful hybrid/blended learning structure. 

      Find out more about The Trust's journey with Dell Technologies and Nviron by watching our videos with Dave Noble, Director of Operations, and Adam Daly, Principal of Crawshaw Academy, or reading our case study.

    • Video

      Red Kite: Improving educational opportunities for students

    • Video

      Red Kite: The tech behind limitless learning

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    • Durham University

    • Stonyhust College

    • London South Bank University

    • Digital transformation isn’t just about technology, it’s about empowering learning in ways never before imagined.

      Technology provides students with the opportunity to lead their own path of discovery. When technology is integrated with new teaching and learning practices, students are empowered to inquire, create, innovate and collaborate in highly personalised ways.


      Valuable education resources we’ve gathered just for you.


      Simplifying remote learning for schools.

      Secure, manageable and cost-effective remote learning solutions from Dell Technologies and Microsoft.


      Preparing students to become ‘life-ready’.

      With more than 51,000 students in 72 schools, Henrico County Public Schools wanted to transform its instructional model so its teachers and curriculum could help students become more ‘life-ready’.


      Remote access for uninterrupted learning.

      Next-generation virtual desktop infrastructure solutions from Dell Technologies and VMware deliver the flexibility and scalability to provide uninterrupted learning.


      Enable anytime access.

      Our portfolio, which includes traditional Latitude laptops and Dell Chromebooks, is designed with K-12 students in mind.

      • Innovative student laptops built for learning
      • Mobility solutions for untethered teaching
      • Education accessories keep learning productive

      Create active learning spaces.

      Support a range of activities, group sizes, locations and learning purposes with flexible spaces, furniture and information technology.

      • Instructional technology for every learning space
      • Flexible furniture to support modern learning
      • Desktop solutions for shared spaces and specialty curriculum

      Transform teaching to empower learners.

      Professional Learning helps shift culture, mindset and teaching practice to support defined K-12 learning outcomes.

      • Professional learning services to meet district goals
      • Educator certification to showcase achievement
      • Virtual courses provide flexible delivery options

      Safeguard students and data.

      Create the right balance of digital access and data protection with the help of Dell EMC security solutions.

      • Keep student data secure
      • Prevent threats from disrupting learning
      • Protect data wherever it goes

      Modernise K-12 data infrastructure.

      Modernise data infrastructure to deliver greater efficiency, predictability and organisational agility.

      • Data management, storage and protection
      • Converged infrastructure to simplify IT 
      • Networking solutions for the modern data infrastructure

      Meet our education strategy experts.

      Our K-12 Education Strategists help support school districts as they design transformational models to support student-centered learning.

      • Design learning models for future ready learners
      • Develop professional learning plans to support educators
      • Define role technology plays in empowering learning