AI Anywhere on Data Everywhere

    Unlock the value of your data wherever it is

    • Combining the world’s broadest AI infrastructure portfolio* with an open, modern data lakehouse all in one place.

      • An open, modern data lakehouse to seamlessly integrate structured and unstructured data
      • Experience the future of analytics with real-time insights at the edge
      • Choose freely from our curated ecosystem of industry-leading data analytics tools
      • All underpinned by our cutting-edge, AI-optimized compute and storage
    • Better data management leads to better outcomes


      We recently announced our vision for an open, modern data lakehouse.

    • AI Anywhere on
      Data Everywhere

      Virtual Experience: Our vision for data and AI.

    • Where are you in your data management journey?

      The next-generation data management journey enables organizations to unlock data's economic value and drive business transformation. Take a walk through this interactive journey to help unlock the potential in your own data.

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      Learn how these organizations analyze growing data streams to extract insights, spot patterns or identify trends.

    • A harvest full of insights

      Using modern imaging, big data and machine learning, AeroFarms is turning everything about a plant into data, which allows them to expand traditional growing seasons.

    • Digital banking reimagined

      Learn how Banco Next creates a digital bank in 18 months by transforming the way people relate to their money and providing a cutting edge digital banking experience.