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OpenManage Enterprise Integration for VMware vCenter (OMEVV)

Сводка: This article discusses what the OpenManage Enterprise Integration for VMware vCenter (OMEVV) is, what the latest release is, and consolidated resources for quick reference.

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What is OpenManage Enterprise integration for VMware vCenter ?

Dell OpenManage Enterprise Integration for VMware vCenter for VMware vCenter (OMEVV) is designed to streamline the management processes of Dell PowerEdge servers running in a VMware environment by allowing the use of VMware vCenter Server to manage the server infrastructure - both physical and virtual.  Leveraging OpenManage Enterprise as the backend to support the OMEVV plugin. 

Features include :  

  • Monitoring of PowerEdge hardware health directly in Host and Cluster views
  • Providing plug-in dashboard within vCenter show summary details of manage hardware and management tasks 
  • Report of detailed hardware and firmware inventory information for each managed server & chassis   
  • Integration of hardware alerts into vCenter
  • Managing firmware updates using optional vSphere Lifecycle Manager 
  • Cluster aware updates for non-vSphere Lifecycle Manager vSphere and vSphere vSAN clusters
  • Set monitored baselines for server firmware levels  
  • Bare metal deployment of ESXi to new PowerEdge servers with optional VMware host profile and destination vCenter
  • Inclusion of iDRAC hyperlink for each managed server displayed in vCenter
  • Support of VMware HA event management for supported hardware alerts 
  • Warranty status for each managed server & chassis
  • Access to wider OpenManage Enterprise & CloudIQ features such as service call creation & Power Management
  • Full API support
Product summary high lighting functionality and architecture document

For OMEVV, activation rights are included with the OpenManage Enterprise Advanced+ license one per managed server. 


OpenManage Enterprise Integration for VMware vCenter 

For an overview of what the integration can do for you as a VMware administrator, see the below video:

Dell OpenManage Enterprise Integration for VMware vCenter (OMEVV) Quick Insight Overview video

Getting Started

OpenManage Enterprise Integration for VMware vCenter (OMEVV)

For the latest version of OMEVV, OpenManage Enterprise must first be downloaded and installed. The OMEVV plug-in is then available from the OME console within the Plugins section of OpenManage Enterprise. OpenManage Advanced+ licenses are needed on each server to be managed. To evaluate OMEVV, temporary 90-day licenses can be downloaded from here. It is also recommended you review the latest OpenManage Enterprise installation documents.

Latest Updates

OpenManage Enterprise Integration for VMware vCenter v1.3

New Features :   
  • Support for the vSphere 8.0 U2
  • Support for new PowerEdge Servers, including new VSAN Ready Nodes
  • Create baseline profiles, Check Firmware compliance and Apply firmware updates now to standalone (non-clustered) hosts also.
    • Repository Profile can now be any repository (not just Dell.com)
    • Miscellaneous enhancements:
      • Easy search of cluster and datacentre group
      • Baseline profile creation is now more efficient
    • Note: OMEVV 1.2 supports firmware updates on clustered hosts only
  • Discover/Add/Refresh/Inventory/Delete baremetal hosts; Apply System Profile to baremetal hosts
    • Notes:
      • Check compliance was available with OMEVV-1.2. System profile is new to OMEVV 1.3
      • Adding new bare metal to OMEVV is two-step process – Trigger bare discovery from OMEVV and then add those bare metals from OME
      • Baremetals group is created by default under OMEVV in Plugin groups (already available)
      • During discovery, multiple comma separated IP addresses can be provided
      • In OMEVV 1.2, only baremetal hosts discovered by OME can be added to OMEVV
  • System Profile Creation and Deployment (System Profile = Deployment Template of OME)
    • Create/View/Deploy profiles
      • Reference server can be an ESXi host or Baremetal host
  • Discover/Add/Refresh/Inventory/Delete MX chassis (Note: No compliance check and system profile support)
    • If MX chassis is configured as Multi Chassis Management (MCM), then if compute sled of is discovered, OMEVV discovers Lead chassis also so that sled can be managed via Lead chassis.
    • Goal is for each NGM chassis to have Manage_with_Alerts and non-NGM to Manage_without_Alerts (OME supports alerts only for NGM chassis). But alarms have no associated actions.
      • Alerts are available in Events of vSphere web client and in OME itself
    • Note: Chassis associated with OMEVV but not discovered by OME can be discovered
  • vLCM support for standalone hosts
    • Note: Firmware update from vLCM is more comprehensive. User can update ESXI, drivers, add-on along with firmware at single task
  • Miscellaneous Enhancements
    • Skip CN check option available (This allows customers to register vCenter using IP address or FQDN irrespective of common name at vCenter certificate) 
Dell OpenManage Management Pack for VMware Aria Operations OMMP 3.0 

OMMP 3.0 enables to monitor or reports the following:
  • Health of Dell servers, Dell chassis, and their components
  • Power consumption details for Dell servers through the Server Extended Metrics
  • Firmware drifts along with the criticality to update through firmware metrics
  • Warranty details of the Dell servers and Dell chassis through Warranty Metrics
  • Health status alerts of Dell servers, Dell chassis, and their components
  • Dell server relationship with vCenter ESXi
  • Server dashboards provide details of the managed Dell Servers' environmental health, warranty heat map, top alerts, firmware updates, relationship with components, high power consumption, high temperature, and high fan speed
  • Server views for server-chassis relationship, vSAN enabled, Proactive HA enabled, Firmware update and summary, power consumption, Fault Resilient Mode, SSD write endurance and Warranty details
  • Details of managed Dell Chassis' environmental health, warranty heat map, top alerts, relationship with components, high fan speed
  • Chassis views and reports for firmware and warranty
Support for the latest vROps SDK.
Support for vROps cloud

OpenManage Enterprise Integration for VMware vCenter v1.2  (release notes)

New Features :         
  • Support for the newly released  Dell's PowerEdge servers 
  • VMware ESXi 8.0 U1 supported 
  • Communication to OME appliance using the appliance IP address or FQDN  
OpenManage Enterprise Integration for VMware vCenter v1.1 (release notes)

New Features : 
  • Support for the next wave of Dell's 16th Generation PowerEdge servers
  • VMware ESXi 8.0 supported 
  • OMEVV Backup and Restore 
  • Bare metal deployment of ESXi ISO on to servers plus optional VMware host profile support
  • Support to utilize OME update manager plugin created firmware catalogs with in OMEVV

OpenManage Enterprise Integration for VMware vCenter v1.0.1 / 1.0 (release notes)

New Features :
  • Deployed as an OpenManage Enterprise (OME) plug-in
  • Discovery of PowerEdge hosts managed by vCenter
  • Updates OpenManage Enterprise inventory
  • PowerEdge inventory, health monitoring, and alerting integrated into vCenter
  • Ties into vCenter cluster policies: Pro-Active HA
  • Standalone or cluster aware firmware update via VMware DRS & maintenance mode
  • Support for vSphere Lifecycle Manager host firmware update.
  • Log support in both OpenManage Enterprise and vCenter
  • Full API support
  • Support for management of up to 4,000 vCenter managed hosts within a single OpenManage Enterprise + OMEVV instance
  • Full Role and scope-based controls of OpenManage Enterprise for administration panel control
  • New OME reports include OMEVV data




Supported devices : Dell PowerEdge Servers 13G or later

Supported VMware software : vSphere 7.0 U2 and later


OpenManage Enterprise Integration for VMware vCenter - Downloads

Table 1: OMEVV OME plug-in downloads (off-line copy for air gapped / dark site use)  
Current Version Prior Version
1.2.0 1.1.0

OpenManage Enterprise Integration for VMware vCenter - Manuals

Latest Manuals and Documentation
User's guide, support matrix, API Document, security configuration guide & release notes Here


Migrating from OMIVV to OMEVV

Other Resources

OMEVV Quick Insight Videos 

OpenManage quick insight OMEVV cluster aware server firmware update
This process to designed to simplify and automate deployment of firmware. The update engine can patch every server in an entire VM Ware cluster sequentially leveraging DRS to ensure VMs / worked migrated live before each server is patched & and work across up to 15 clusters in parallel.

OpenManage quick insight OMEVV bare metal server deployment
OpenManage quick insight video showing bare metal deployment of VMware vSphere using a template on to brand new Dell PowerEdge. 

Deploy Server Firmware from VMware vCenter with OMEVV support video

Install and Register the OpenManage Enterprise Integration for VMware vCenter Plug-in support video


Firmware Updates 

Useful Background Links

Other Links  OMIVV 

OMEVV has replaced OMIVV moving forward, and has transitioned from a separate “OMIVV appliance” to a OpenManage Enterprise Plugin. OMIVV is now in sustaining mode with no new features planed. The last released version was 5.4.1 supporting up to VMware ESXi & vCenter versions up to 7.0 U3. Customers wanting support for VMware ESXi 8 &/or Dell's 16th Generation PowerEdge servers should transition to OMEVV. OMIVV release 5.4.1  includes an integrated migration tool. OMIVV will continue to be supported per existing support contracts.

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