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Dell EMC OpenManage Enterprise Version 3.4 User's Guide

Discover servers automatically by using the server-initiated discovery feature

OpenManage Enterprise version 3.4 allows automatic discovery of servers that have iDRAC firmware version or later. The appliance can be configured to allow these servers to automatically locate the console by querying the DNS and initiate their discovery .

For a server-initiated discovery, the following prerequisites must be met:
  • This feature is applicable only for servers with iDRAC firmware version
  • The servers must be on the same domain as OpenManage Enterprise.
  • OpenManage Enterprise must be registered with the DNS to add the configuration information to the DNS by using TUI. It is preferred that the DNS allows automatic updates from OpenManage Enterprise.
  • Old records of the appliance console on the DNS, if any, should be cleaned up to avoid multiple announcements from the servers.

The following steps are followed for an automatic discovery of servers in OpenManage Enterprise :

  1. Add the configuration information of OpenManage Enterprise on the DNS using one of following methods:
    • TUI—By using the TUI interface, enable the Configure Server Initiated Discovery option. For more information, see Configure OpenManage Enterprise by using Text User Interface.
    • Manually—Add the following three records to your DNS server on the network for which the interface is configured on the appliance. Ensure to replace all instances of <domain> with the appropriate DNS domain and the system hostname.
      • _dcimprovsrv._tcp.<domain> 3600 PTR ptr.dcimprovsrv._tcp.<domain>
      • ptr.dcimprovsrv._tcp.<domain> 3600 TXT URI=/api/DiscoveryConfigService​/Actions/DiscoveryConfigService.​SignalNodePresence
      • ptr.dcimprovsrv._tcp.<domain> 3600 SRV 0 0 443 <hostname>.<domain>

      For example, see the following information by using nsupdate:

      1) To create hostname record
      >update add 3600 A XX.XXX.X.XX
      2) To add records for Server-initated discovery
      >update add 3600 PTR ptr.dcimprovsrv._
      >update add 3600 TXT URI=/api/
      >update add 3600 SRV 0 0 443
  2. By default, the Discovery-Approval policy, in the appliance, is set to Automatic and the servers that establish contact with the console are automatically discovered. To change the settings, see Manage Console preferences.
  3. Once the appliance is configured as mentioned in the previous steps, the servers can initiate contact with OpenManage Enterprise by querying the DNS. The appliance verifies the servers after ensuring that the client certificate of the servers is signed by the Dell CA.
    NOTE: If there are any changes in the server IP address or SSL certificate, the server reinitiates contact with OpenManage Enterprise.
  4. The Monitor > Server Initiated Discovery page lists the servers that establish contact with the console. Also, the servers whose credentials have been added in the console, but which are yet to initiate contact are also listed. The following statuses of the servers based on the previously mentioned conditions are displayed:
    • Announced—Server initiates contact with the console, however, the credentials of the server are not added to the console.
    • Credentials Added—The credentials of the server are added in the console, however, the server has not initiated contact with the console.
    • Ready to Discover—The credentials of the server are added and the server has initiated contact.
      NOTE: The appliance triggers a Discovery job every 10 minutes to discover all the servers in the 'Ready to Discover' status. However, if the Discovery-Approval policy in the appliance is set as 'Manual,' then the user should manually trigger the Discovery job for each server. For more information, see Manage Console preferences
    • Job submitted for Discovery—This status indicates that the discovery job is initiated either automatically or manually for the server.
    • Discovered—The server is discovered and is listed on the All Devices page.

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