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Alienware Tech Support Authenticity

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Has anyone had any issues with agents who are passing themselves off as Dell Tech agents when in fact they do not work for Dell? 

My computer has been compromised.  I have spoken with several agents over the last couple of days. Today when I thought I was speaking with Dell, the agent made me do a full system install, and it was the first time that an agent stayed with me on the phone while the Windows imaging was being downloaded. 

After deleting the partitions, and windows reloaded, My wallpaper loaded up, which should have been deleted when I erased everything and did a full system restore. 

I never received an e-mail from the agent with the service number.  When I called dell back I got transfered to this person who Was unable to send me an e-mail to validate that they work for Dell. They were unable to provide me with a dell service tag. I spent 30 mins with them on the phone. 

After my system install, I tried to install a program that I"ve used in the past, I keep getting an error messaging stating that I do not have the correct operating system to install the program (windows 10). 

I've had people who have called me in the past stating they were Dell Tech support, showing Dell's Number with all my info, yet when I called Dell back to confirm, they have nothing on file and have advised me they were fake phone calls.

How can I ensure that I am in fact speaking with a Dell Agent. 

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Re: Alienware Tech Support Authenticity

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There are too many variables involved including what country you are in, what version of windows,  what model dell specifically.

Dell does not provide support without a service tag.

There are many scams based on being DELL or Microsoft etc.

Dell recovery is quite a bit different than it was from 2006 and 2010 for example.

Dell Data Safe and Dell Backup and Recovery are no longer supported.

XP VISTA  are End of Life and Windows 7 ends in April 2020.  Windows 8.0 is already End of life.

An email is not proof of being dell.

Nor is a phone call.

Dell would know a lot of information including your order number and name and address etc if you purchased your Dell Directly from Dell.



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Re: Alienware Tech Support Authenticity

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I can confirm that DELL is making proactive calls to some AREA 51m owners (just this model specifically). There was a situation with these specific models and their operating system.

If you are an AREA 51m owner and you get a call form DELL, this is not an scam. You can ask the agent to confirm some of your account information, or simply call us back at 866 287 6727 opt#4 to get the service done. 

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