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Area-51 R2, need EC Firmware, how to install it ??

Hi, I have an Area 51-R2 which gives a fan failure warning for all connected fans and the pump. They are all, however, running as normal and temps are as normal too.

I think the issue is that that EC (Embedded Controller) chip needs to be re-flashed. When I look at the System page in the bios, it shows an EC firmware of 0.0.0, which leads me to believe that the EC firmware has been corrupted or otherwise somehow lost. 

I am on Bios A13, I tried to revert to A12, but the .exe prevents that. 

I tried re-flashing it with A13, but the EC firmware is still showing 0.0.0 after doing that. 

I suspect an earlier bios update contained updated EC firmware and this was not successfully flashed, but I can't think of how to flash the EC firmware. I don't want to go to A14 if at all possible. 

Has anyone else encountered this issue ? Any ideas on how to get my EC controller working again ? 

My temps in my bios show 000 as well. I take that as a very strong indicator that the EC is not working at all which it wouldn't if the firmware for it was corrupted. My onboard ethernet doesn't seem to register either, but that might be tied to the embedded controller?

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