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Aurora R10, HyperX Fury ram upgrade, issues

I purchased a 16GB (8x2) kit of HyperX Fury PC4-25600 3200MHz ram from Amazon and installed it in my Aurora R10 and removed the original 8GB stick it came with. The Aurora R10 booted fine and the ram was running at 3200MHz after I changed the XMP profile to 2. After a couple of days, the Aurora R10 started acting weird and when I rebooted the Aurora R10 it would reboot 3 times, then error and say that it turned off the overclock feature in BIOS. Then once I logged into Windows, it reset the ram to 2400MHz speed. I then changed it back to the XMP Profile 2 again like before and it wouldn't reboot and then it did the same thing. I set it then on Auto and it now booted fine and runs at 2934MHz. The Aurora R10 is rated to work with ram at 3200MHz speed. I wonder why it became so unstable? Anyone else have this issue or know of a fix? I'd like to run it at 3200MHz if possible, although I know there isn't much of a difference but still might as well if possible?

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