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Parts shortage and restocking only by the until end of April 2021

I ordered a R10 with 5900x + 3080 last Jan26 and now only to learn it will be delayed longer for 3months

Got this from customer support believe this is the cpu

“Short part hold KGKW8/in EMFP backlog 820units. Order should be released with the 1st supply 04/29"


Anyone having the same experience and is there a million chance that the parts will arrive early?


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There's a world wide shortage of everything that uses chips. This has even shut down some car plants, since they also need chips to produce cars.


It's likely the worst time ever to buy computers or computer parts.

There does not seem to be a solution in sight...


You might have to wait for a few months to get your new machine.


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Same. I ordered mine on 4th Jan. 


What! thats 4months for you! and still nothing?

Hope you got some cash coupon from customer service? they offered me atleast 170eur.

Better wait than nothing.


How did you get the sales agent to offer you a 170 euro cash coupon? When I called, they told me that they would only consider it after delivery. 
Ordered my R10 3070 on Feb 3. Was originally to be delivered on Feb 26, now it’s delayed until Mar 22. 

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So i ordered this R10 with 5900x + 3080 on Jan 26, 2021. Now i just learned from customer service saying it will be available only by May 15!!! Thats 75+ business days from 18-20days eta advertised in the website!!! And still May 15 is not a guaranteed date!! How long will i have to really wait?

Another is that customer service cant even say which part is short and cant say which are available, im willing to pay extra upgrade if that part is available but nooooooo, you have to cancel your order and go back in line again if you want different configuration!

i already got all AW accessories from monitor + mouse + kb what can i do with these without the R10??!!!

Dell should just stop selling units that they cannot cater, instead of giving the customers false hope. How hard it is to put OUT OF STOCK on the website?!! Or advertise realistic ETA to manage your customer expectation!

understand that there is a parts shortage but this is too much of a wait to keep my patience. 


Anything with an nVidia 3000 series (or equivalent AMD 5 or 6 series) GPU will be delayed;  these GPUs are in short supply worldwide -- a situation that looks like it will extend into 2022 at this point.


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Worldwide having shortage on parts. All the distributors should have advise the client prior purchase. I need to wait 50 days just for AIO. Ridiculous!

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  • Ordered mine July 21st still a month out 
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Ouch, that's a long time. For some reason laptops come out fast. I think mine was shipped in a week or so.

This parts shortage is really becoming annoying, I agree.

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