Hi Everyone,

I currently own all three revisions of the X51 R series and would like to give you a detailed part list I custom made.


X51 R1


CPU:Core i7-3770K @3.7Ghz

GPU:GTX 980 8Gb Blower Edition

PSU:DELL 330W 16.9A 

16Gb of DDR3 @1600Mhz

Blu-ray Drive instead of DVD-RW

1Tb SSD SATA 2.5


X51 R2

CPU:Core i7-4790K @4.1Ghz

GPU:GTX 1650 4Gb OC version single fan

PSU:DELL 330W 16.9A 

RAM:16Gb of DDR3 @1600Mhz

Blu-ray drive AGAIN to replace DVD-RW

1Tb 2.5 inch HDD @7200RPM

500Gb 2.5 inch SSD


X51 R3

CPU:Core i7-6700K @4.2Ghz

GPU:GTX 1660 Super 6Gb single fan

PSU:DELL 330W 16.9A

RAM:32Gb of DDR4 @2400Mhz

Blu-ray to replace AGAIN the DVD-RW drive

1Tb 2.5 inch HDD

500Gb 2.5 inch SSD


This was a max Custom config that I did to these small form factor machines.

Area-51m R1 i9-9900K 5GHz RTX 2080 OC
18 R1 i7-4940MX 5GHz, RTX 2080
17 R5 i9-8950HK 4.5GHz GTX 1080 OC
15 R1 i7-4710HQ 4.1GHz GTX 980M OC
My YouTube channel = Area 51 A L X

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