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Advice on Graphics Card for Aurora R4


I am very close to purchasing an Alienware Aurora R4 and I could use any advice on the difference between 2 of the graphics cards that are options to upgrade

I know there are different variations of the GTX 670 and 680 out there with different specs, should you buy them online or whatnot. But I am curious as to the specs of the 670 and 680 that are offered with the R4.

Most of the internet says the 670 is the better buy vs the 680 due to price/performance. But when customizing this Alienware the price difference between the 2 is only 50$


So is there a noticeable difference for 50$? Both are 2GB so that seems even at least.

Also, does the notion of the 670 being better for OCing apply here, since it is a specific type of 670 offered by Alienware?


Honestly 50 bucks is nothing when I'm spending around 1800 for everything, so what do you think the best choice might be?

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Re: Advice on Graphics Card for Aurora R4

I know people who have both cards in Dell computers and there isn't any noticeable difference. Both of those cards are also named brand where as the Alienware will more than likely have just OEM cards which have lower specs even though it's the same numbered cards. I would check on that, I didn't and got OEM which was upsetting to me after spending that much money on a Aurora R4.

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