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Alienware M11x R2 - problems

I recently purchased a certified refurbished M11x r2 from the  Dell outlet and I have noticed a couple problems....

- the key board has some  warping on the entire left half, resulting in noticeable flex when typing on that side

-also, the directional/arrow keys sometimes make an audible clicking sound and occasionally do not register keystrokes when used

-when closed, the lid doesn't entirely line up with the lower chassis, upon further inspection I can see that both sides of the lower chassis  (where palm rest meets side of lower chassis)  seem to be have become slightly separated causing the plastic to creak when pressure is applied  (ie resting wrist over it when playing games that use WASD keys)

- the front speaker grills do not evenly "glow" when the alien fx are active, seems that the transparent film covering them has bubbles or is detaching


EDIT:  I also notice an audible high pitch whine/buzz when the notebook is turned off, I was wondering if that may be normal?

I acknowledge that buying a refurbished product from Dell means that the product may have some minor cosmetic blemishes,  in my case those problems do not seem to fall under "minor",  but I would appreciate some other m11x users' opinion on what route I should take to diagnose these issues.



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RE: Alienware M11x R2 - problems

I experienced every problem you listed except for the uneven glow in the front speakers. I notice a high pitch whine while my m11x r2 is on stanby, which is louder when the laptop is on, but I do not hear a whine when the laptop is fully shut down. I would like to know if Alienware or Dell has a solution to at least the noise problem.

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