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Alienware M17x problems with boot-up

Hello there. I didn't know where to post this since the Support page is a bit counter-intuitive, so I really didn't know where to start. Problem is, I bought my M17x R3 a couple months ago, and I was quite happy with it, but lately it has started working wonkily: when I boot it, most of the time the screen doesn't show the BIOS loading and jumps straight to the Welcome Screen and the jingle, but then spends 5-6 minutes on a black screen. After that, the Windows desktop shows up normally and the computer seems to be working as usual.

Until yesterday. Now it has been a couple times that it has had artifacts on the Welcome screen and the computer has started to randomly freeze and I have to turn the computer off because it does not react, even when I call the Task Manager.

Anybody knows what may happen? The computer is more or less the same than when I received it, the only difference I can recall  is that my HD is almost full. I would do a Respawn but I don't know if it would help as it does not sould like a software issue. Thanks in advance.

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