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Alienware Predator 2.1 ALX Vent Mod/MIO Help

Hi guys, I have a predator 2.1 case (black interior) that Ive been meaning to do something with it for quite awhile. I've decided to add active vents to the top of the case like the newer models. Physically its possible I believe with some modding as the Predator case is 9.97" wide while the new ALX cases with the vents are 10.9". Seems like Id have to file dame the edges so it can sit flush with the case. Ideally in a perfect world I'd like to be able to get CC to work with it to move the vents automatically.

Now heres a link to the vents:


And heres a link to the MIO board:


I plan on using an Asus ROG board, do you think its possible to get it working since the hardwares there?

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Re: Alienware Predator 2.1 ALX Vent Mod/MIO Help

If I am not mistaken to actually get the vents and have full Alienware Command Center control on top of having the MIO Board you also need the Alienware mobo.

I myself have had a problem with my Alienwre MOBO and Dell wanted to charge me $729 for a new one since I was out of warranty. I would have paid for it but why when I could get an amazing one for literally less than half the price.

Mind you this is for LGA1366 sockets.

I also wanted to keep my Thermal Venting and Alien FX operational but after some research found out it wouldn't fully work.

If you have an older model mobo it might work. Quite possibly. But I'm not too certain.

I myself have actually replaced my old messed up mobo with an updated version.

My old problem was two fold. My water cooling leaked all over the place - luckily nothing was damaged but when I swapped the water cooling for a regular heatsink and fan config I went to clean some thermal paste off the CPU bracket and my micro fiber cloth got caught on some of the pins without me knowing it yanked some of the pins. Luckily it stood operational and at the time I didn't notice.

So after a while I noticed my computer was only reading 2 out of the 3 4GB sticks of RAM I had. After more research I and troubleshooting I finally thought it was my RAM that was defective. Got a fresh set of Mushkin 12GB Redline RAM and still the same problem. After more research that is when I read about the CPU not having full contact and since the RAM controller is there low and behold I found my problem.

So that is when I found out I had to replace my MOBO and did even more research.

So in all I don't think the venting will work, because you also need a smaller MIO/Circuit board that goes on to the venting plate. If you notice in the back of that there are some cables. Well there are no fans so where will you plug it in.

Obviously you seem knowledgeable and maybe with some modding you can get it done.

I am just throwing in my 2 cents and experience. If it comes down to the fact that you will have to get a AW Mobo let me know. I still have my old one. It's in great condition but the only down fall is that the middle DIMM doesn't register full. Even in the BIOS it says 12288 MB of RAM and in Windows it says 12GB but only 7.99 usable. Go figure.

I'll sell it for cheap pretty much a few bucks and shipping. Just so that you won't have to waste $100-300 on ebay for a mobo if that is the case.

I have also been interested in modding my case and computer but my resources are highly limited as I live in an apartment.

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