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Alienware X51 (2012) Graphics card upgrade ideas

Hey guys, I've been planning to upgrade my x51's graphics card for some time. I thought of going with the gtx1050. If that's not a good choice what else? Don't mind the budget. I wanna know all my options.  

My system specs -  Intel Core i5-2320

(4x3GHz, No Hyper-Threading, Turbo to 3.3GHz, 32nm, 6MB L3, 95W),  2x4GB Hynix DDR3-1333, NVIDIA GeForce GT 545 1GB GDDR5 (OEM)

(144 CUDA Cores, 870/1740/3996MHz core/shaders/RAM, 128-bit memory bus),  Custom H61 Chipset Board,  

Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 1TB 7200RPM SATA 6Gbps HDD,  240W Custom,  

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RE: Alienware X51 (2012) Graphics card upgrade ideas

okay not to   sound rude  here but simple search would find everthing you   need to know.. this topic  has  been    beaten to death constantly lately with the X51 R1 R2 and R3 ...

the only  issue is cooling  its   best to   have it like  the OEM exhausting out  the back, also has to  follow the card max size not exceeding it.. (sorry don't have it   handy atm) but from my understanding  froma  buddy with the 1050  it  runs fairly cool..

also what PSU do  you have?  this  may neeed to   be upgraded aswell  

Alienware X51 R3 

M18X R2  🙂  (again)  

Inspiron 11 Flip , Studio 1535 ,Inspiron 6400

Previous Systems:

M18X R2, M17X R2 ,M17X R1, XPS M1730 & M1530, Inspiron 17R

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