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Alienware aurora r4, no boot, no post.

Having been using it now for about a year (still in warranty) I've been having a few issues, numerous BSOD which i think i sorted by updating drivers, bios(a11), windows etc.

Now when i turn it on it powers up fans go mad and immediately idle back down, no lights, no beeps, no video.

I've pulled the power and drained it down numerous times, I've checked all connections there all good next step is to pull the cmos battery and post with no memory to check the board but I'm worried that if i start opening it up ill void my warranty???.

Any help would be much appropriated.

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RE: Alienware aurora r4, no boot, no post.

Yes you can open the system and try with one memory at the time and if you have dual video card you can try with one at the time. As well yes you can remove the cmos battery to perform another power drain.

Let us know how it goes. 

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