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Aurora R6 Overclocking...

Hi All

I've noticed the following behaviour with my Aurora RG configuration (i7-7700K).

If I overclock in the BIOS using OC LV2 everything works as expected, if I use CPU-Z I can see the clock speed rise to around ~4.8GHZ.  If I hibernate and then wake the machine and run the same stress test with CPU-Z the clock speed drops back to ~4.2GHZ. 

If I restart the machine (not hibernate) then everything back to ~4.8GHZ.  It like the hibernation/waking process is ignoring the BIOS settings. 

Anyone seen this before?  Is it expected? 

Thanks in advance



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RE: Aurora R6 Overclocking...



Send me a private message with the service tag so I can escalate this with engineering. 

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