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BIOS upgrade and how to boot from USB flash drive

I'm trying to update to BIOS A07 for my Aurora A4. Currently on A03 which is giving me lots of blue screens.

Downloaded the latest A07 patch from DELL and it says I need to upgrade to BIOS A05 before I can upgrade to A07.

Says I need to make a flash drive and boot from that. So I downloaded Rufus and formatted my Flash 16 gig USB and copied A07 to it.

Tried to boot from it by holding F12 and selecting the Flash drive.

But the PC  just boots from main drive.

Anyone know how I boot from the Flash Drive so I can ugrade the BIOS?

I am on Windows 7


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RE: BIOS upgrade and how to boot from USB flash drive


The BIOS firmware is an executable file so disregard what it says about making a copy in a USB flash drive, just download it and run it. Click here for the A05 BIOS download link. When you launch the file, it will begin to do the update, it requires a restart for the update to complete. After doing this, proceed by flashing the A07 BIOS version.  

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