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?? Can't register an account for Alienware Client Services Support area and varied dell problems...


I was wondering if anyone else had the same problem. I have had the computer for a few weeks now and am just getting around to checking things out. I try to register an account in the Alienware Client Services Support area. I enter my account number and postal code, then create asername and password... Keep getting a message that either the client ID or the Zip/Postal code are incorrect. I called dell and of course this was unhelpful.. no answers......

Another issue... A rep was to call me about transferring my warranty and extending this one and no one ever did despite my calling several times.  I was quire impressed with Dell for the few years that I have been dealing with them but honestly, of late, with this whole alienware exchange experience.. I am more than ticked off...... I have not even received the shipping tag for the system that I have to send back....

When I bought my XPS in 2006, I purchased 2 expensive bags (leather case and XPS napsack).. Now the new computer does not fit in EITHER of them. I called to ask about some kind of exchange, help, or at least a discount for an alienware carrying case ( not the napsack)... A supervisor  said he would email me back in this regard and he never did. He was also the one that was supposed to get me a shipping tag to send the old XPS back...

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Re: ?? Can't register an account for Alienware Client Services Support area and varied dell problems...

I just recently (sort of still am) went through the exchange process replacing an XPS2010 to a M17 and here is what I learned:

The alienware support area, My Hive, is a legacy support only for laptops owned prior to the dell takeover.  Setup your account on the Dell Support Site using your new service tag.

When you do get your support setup you should see that the warranty is already transferred.  If not call Alienware (800.ALIENWARE) - not Dell - and use your new service tag.  They might push you back to the general support center but they can a least see where you are at with the warranty.

Regarding the exchange - Dell should have already sent the shipping tag.  Your new service tag will be suspended until you ship back the XPS.  Call 866.696.5107 to process this.

I had to push hard to get h/w changes on this exchange and I am currently battling a disagreement on the warranty.  I have logged over 3+ hours with the Alienware division and more than 3x that with XPS division.  I doubt you will get them to help with the cases but you can certainly try.  The Alienware division will be more receptive to listening but this just might be one you have to eat.

good luck!



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Re: ?? Can't register an account for Alienware Client Services Support area and varied dell problems...

Thanks so much for your response !

I have a question... previously with the XPS I could use the Dell Support Center software, I would be notified when upgrades were available. Now with this Alienware computer, what do I use if we dont have access to My Hive  It does not seem fair that we dont have access to this. Actually the Alienware support page is one of the loaded pages for internet explorer !

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Re: ?? Can't register an account for Alienware Client Services Support area and varied dell problems...

After many Dells and my latest XPS-410, I shared your confusion for a bit (especially since IE8 defaults to www.alienware.com and their support page). But since we are previous Dell customers (and Alienware is Dell now) nothing really changes for us.

There is nothing in the Hive Support for us. That is only for old Alienware (legacy) machines. It's Alienware's way of supporting their old customers (before Dell bought them). You can, however, see the downloads without an account (but again, they don't apply to us).

Just like with your XPS ... you:

Go to support.dell.com for drivers, order status, sales, all that stuff. You can add your Service Tag to your account and I think that's where you add notifications of new files. I don't use that email feature, but it works the same as before.

Post your messages in this section.

The only new thing is for service/support call 1-866-287-6727 (special AW support line). These people really know their stuff when it comes to AW. These are the same support people the legacy owners use. The only difference is that since we have Dells, when parts or service is needed, they are able to call into action the resources Dell has available.

Basically, we bought Dells ... but we have our own specialized support team standing by.


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