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Error Code 5300:0119

I've had my Aurora for about a month now, and up until this weekend it was great. On Friday I booted it up and the bios screen (the black one with the alien head on it) had all these white lines all over it. When it got to the Windows loading screen it still had the lines and wouldn't load and after a few minutes it restarted.

After repeating this several times I flipped through the manual and decided to run a diagnostic. When testing the video cards it gave me an error code of 5300:0119 with a Msg saying "VIDEO - Failure while writing and reading video memory."

Is this a problem that I'm going to have to send my computer back and get a new one, or is there an easy fix?

If more info is needed let me know, I just don't remember the details of my system off the top of my head right now.

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Re: Error Code 5300:0119

* Turn the monitor off
* Disconnect all monitor cords from the computer
* Disconnect the monitor power cord from the rear of the monitor
* Press and hold the monitor power button in for 5 seconds
* Reconnect the monitor power cord to the rear of the monitor
* Turn the monitor on
* The floating red/green/blue/white dialog box should appear on screen against a black background. If it doesn't appear, the monitor is defective

* If it does appear
* Power the PC off
* Open the case cover
* Disconnect the monitor from the video card
* Remove/reseat the video card in its slot
* Reconnect the monitor to the video card
* Replace the cover
* Power the monitor on, then the PC. If the lines still appear, contact support and they will send a replacement video card

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Re: Error Code 5300:0119

Hey Chris, I have the same issue, only I'm having it with an M17x R2. I don't use the system much and I've kept it in a cool, clean environment, however it's out of warranty. I was told that I'd hear back from tech support within 48 hours. That was nearly 3 days ago. I almost feel like I got ripped because I spent nearly 2500 on the system. To renew my warranty, it would be nearly $350 which I don't have and the system is only 3 years old. Anything I can do outside of purchasing a new mobile gaming system when I have the money from Asus? My apologies if this sounds heated but it's hard to believe that my video card can just die like that after 3 years and I'm <ADMIN NOTE: Substitute character removed per TOU policy>on it.

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