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Factory rest on a M14

So long story short, I turn my computer on and when it get to windows screen it just blinks and no icons are present to click on I can do nothing but move the mouse around and try to fight off a seizure.  I am trying to get to the restore option when I boot the computer.  I read online you need to hit shift- f8 to get there.  I have tried this many times and hit just f8 and still  nothing.  I can only get responses from F2 and F12.  You can probably tell I'm computer illiterate.  So if you can break it down in kindergartener steps.  Just so we are clear I can't do anything once windows opens and I am computer stupid.  Please help!

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RE: Factory rest on a M14

The operating system might be corrupted; I will recommend you to run the PSA diagnostic just to make sure all the hardware is in good conditions and if you don’t get any error message reinstall windows.

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