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How to properly change bricked MIO board Aurora R4


Question, how do i porperly change my bricked mio board in my aurora r4 non alx. Do i have to uninstall comand center first before changing the mio board or just change the board right away.

Thanks in advance

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RE: How to properly change bricked MIO board Aurora R4

try Program Files > Alienware > Run AFXTester.exe


working system displays the board's Firmware version, for Aurora it's 2.x or 4.x, depending


non-working board = no board detected

C: > Dell > Drivers --> find CmndCntr.exe, run setup, click repair, reboot, survey situation, run FxTester again


Device Manager: make sure MIO Filter Driver is listed under HID Devices

Troubleshooting a fussy / bricked MIO:

If it acts perma-bricked, get the part# off of it, buy a like model & just change it out. They're normally inexpensive these days which is a blessing, a person might be tempted to buy two, one as a spare ... good idea to take a few photos 1st with which to recall what went where, note tags on all/most cables



Aurora R4: Remove the master control board

when new MIO is in place & appears to be working, I might open the large CmndCntr.exe setup file & run a 'repair', in the event new MIO needs a firmware flash to whichever version CC you're using, which a repair will accomplish. Foolw it with FxTester to make sure harmony is restored in your Alien