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Is an ATI to NVIDIA GPU upgrade possible ?

Hello everyone !

Owner of two dinosaurs here, an m18xR1 and a m17xR2.

The ATI on my m17x died and I tried to revive it using one of the m18x's 560M GTX.

Problem : it won't boot. Even though the 560M works perfectly fine with the m18x.

The fans run at full speed, the keyboard lights up, but the screen doesn't and the only way I can turn it off is by pulling the cord.

Anyone heard about m17xR2 motherboards being solely dedicated to ATI's or NVIDIA's ?

Is there anything I can do about this, besides purchasing an ATI off Ebay ?



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Re: Is an ATI to NVIDIA GPU upgrade possible ?

Hi fauvarc‌,

There are no dedicated motherboards, you can try by installing the card on the secondary port (this system has SLI capability). And if that doesn't work, then try with an officially supported card (460m is the maximum).

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