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Legacy Alienware support

OK so excuse me if im unclear or sort of rude because im stressed about support for my system. Thank you.

So im having a tough time getting into contact with alienware support and was wondering where i can get support for my case/computer. ok on to the problem: So i have a alienware area 51 3550/ or predator 1 case its green by the way if that helps. So i got this computer from my uncle after he moved out of his old house  he had at least 4 aliens including the one i got. so i didnt have any problems with it until now. so my problem is that the case is a full tower and has locks on the front door and side panel and the case is compeletly locked so i cannot access the system or the power button to unlock the case you need some sort of key with four circle cutouts on the bottom to lock and unlock it and i lost the keys last week and have been looking for them since and was wondering how to get a new set of keys to unlock the case with out destroying the case is it is a rare case and ive only seen 1 other like it on ebay

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RE: Legacy Alienware support


You need to buy this:


Alienware Arena

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