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M17x R4 Command Center does not change anything on the LEDs

Hi all,

I formatted my M17x R4 about 2-3 hours ago and I have been installing drivers since. Then I downloaded and installed the Command Center, as it was not included in the Resources disk. But I am having problems with it because regardless what colors I change from the Command Center, the action will not reflect on the keyboard, alienware logo, mousepad etc. If any of you had the same problem and fixed it please let me know. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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RE: M17x R4 Command Center does not change anything on the LEDs

Hello maxxarena01!

I would recommend you to uninstall the command center, do a power drain and then you install it again.
As well make sure that the system has the latest BIOS version (A12).

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RE: M17x R4 Command Center does not change anything on the LEDs

If you have the chance, do a search here - ther eare tons with the same issue - myself included.


The problem is bigger than you can imagine - and you may never get it back - its tied to the motherboard (go look it up). I've been working WITH dell for over a year to get this fixed - still nothing.


Eventually you'll have other probs that are associated with the command center - unfortunately.


IF you have access to Dell, make sure you talk to someone senior level - I ended up following instructions from a lower level and they really screwed things up - "quote" "end quote" from the senior level.


I just don't want you to have the same mistake/issue I had. Mine is stuck in the most horrendous colors - and if that was my only prob - I'd be fine.


Just wanted to warn yo u- and let you know this issue is well documented on this site (and others)

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