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Need New Liquid Cooler for Aurora R1 non ALX

Ok so my aurora R1 is going on 5 years old and I am getting concerned that I should replace the liquid cooler for the CPU.  Where can I get an new XF23D cooler are they still available new?

if I cant get one new.....What cooler can I put in my aurora R1?  and will both its plugs (fan/pump) be compatible with the alien Fx daughter board inside top of case?


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RE: Need New Liquid Cooler for Aurora R1 non ALX

Hello SOF Phantom!

I don’t think we have that part available any longer, however you can contact the Dell sales department and if they don’t have it you can consult with a third-party retail or reseller.

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RE: Need New Liquid Cooler for Aurora R1 non ALX

Between the Aurora R1, R2, R3, and R4 (including 3rd gen and 4th gen Intel processors) the CPU socket changed but the Cooling Block mount DID NOT change.

Block Compatibility: Intel: LGA 1150 / LGA 1155 / LGA 1156 / LGA 1366 / LGA 2011 (data from Asetek Corsair-OEM unit)

Dell often gives the same part a new part number when it goes inside a different machine. The Aurora R4 hex-shaped Standard Asetek cooler is available from Dell Parts because they are installing them inside Aurora R4s right now.

All the Auroras use the same (or similar) MIO-Board and Asetek cooling technology.

Extrapolating this data:

- An Aurora R4 hex-shaped Standard Asetek cooler should fit an Aurora R1.
- There is also a new round-shaped Premium Asetek cooler for the Aurora R4, that "should" also fit (and plug-in perfectly) to an Aurora R1.

The difference between a Asetek Dell-Alienware-OEM unit and a comparable Corsair-OEM cooler is that Dell uses a proprietary connector that plugs into MIO-Board Top-Lighting Strip Board (daughter board as you call it). Also, the outer case might be shaped a little differently, but that's just because of Alienware branding.

I would not buy a used one. Also, don't accidentally buy one wired for Area-51, because it's proprietary wiring is different from the Aurora (black pump connector has a different number of pins).



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