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[Poll] Dell & Alienware Customer Service

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System specs:

MB: GA-X99-SOC Champion
 CPU: 5960x @ 4.4GHz
 RAM: 16GB G.Skill @ 3400MHz
GPU's: 4x Titan X
PSU: 1600w T2
SSD: 480GB Intel 730.
Monitor: PG278Q
OS: Windows7 SP1/Windows 10 build 10586.318.

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I just had to cancel my order thank goodness my credit card company agreed to give my money back so I didnt have to wait for Dell to refund my funds that would have added insult to injury. Since they delayed my order I canceled and  purchased another computer from a local company with the same specks as the alienware guess Dell didnt want my 2 grand bad expierence with them for sure but it will be my last thats for sure.


Alienware doesn't exist anymore, its all dell...


They do exist but only if you have an older alienwear. If you have any problems with a legacy alienware you will talk to alienware tech support and if you need further assistance you will talk to a Head Office Critical team from Alienware. But if you have a new system its all with Dell.


I think its better to have an older system and just keep renewing the warranty. this way you will never deal with Dell =)


i just got a email from Dell. the subject line of the email is "Dell Customer Experience Survey Invitation‏". it had a survey they wanted me to fill out. has anyone else gotten this email????


i just got a email from Dell. the subject line of the email is "Dell Customer Experience Survey Invitation‏". it had a survey they wanted me to fill out. has anyone else gotten this email????

Yup... got one right after you made your post!  LOL

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first class order actually took 4 weeks less than stated

my computer took a 1 week and half to get. really fast. but it didn't work right when i got it.. booo


So i just saw the twitter feed for direct2dell and every other tweet is nothing but complaints.. when is dell actually going to do something about all their problems?  At least you get service when you tweet dell.. or so it seems..


There are not enough choices to put it all into perspective.  Since you asked, I'm responding.  I usually stick to technical posts only.

I do a lot of work with Dell's Enterprise side, and they are very responsive and good.  Support for Servers, hardware, Engineering, are all excellent.

Consumer is a different story.

But even then, the type of customer service, as mentioned here, can also be different.  The forums here, Chris, and other Dell people have been very responsive and helpful.

I used to use the online chat feature, as it was a better experience over calling in.  However, they have gotten pretty bad lately.  I even have a log of one where the guy sent "v" followed by a long paragraph in response to a question.  My reply: "nice CTRL+V slip there", which it obviously was.  And oh is it.  It's like talking to an automated system, they don't seem to read what you say other than to pick out keywords and reply with a canned response.  I'd almost say it IS an automated system, but there are definitely mistakes like I mentioned, and misspelled words (although I supposed that could be done programmatically too).  My last encounter was a simple question: "My battery says it needs to be replaced, my laptop is under warranty, is the battery covered?"  He has me reinstall the BIOS (same version I was at), reset BIOS settings, reseat the battery, then after everything, told me it is not covered under warranty.  Why did he waste my time?  Particularly, why did I have to reinstall the same BIOS?

I don't think I need to say anything about phone customer service, just search and read what people say: they are all true.   Reading some complaints on here, especially ones where you think "that has to be exaggerated," any long time Dell customer reads that and nods in agreement saying "Been there, done that."  This includes me, and I consider myself a semi-happy Dell customer right now (if you aren't being jabbed in the eyes with rusty fish hooks, it's a good thing, right?)

In fact, recently I called about some dead pixels on a 2709 I have.  Saving you all the excruciating details, after the standard transfers and disconnects (the chat guy was no help, told me to call), I finally talk to someone who tells me "We do not have such big and powerful monitors here, we only deal with smaller ones, I need one minute to locate the manual".  This went back and forth, and he told me over 5 times how this monitor was "way too big for him to understand."  Of course he transfered me, and I couldn't take it.  I called under my business account, and it was handled immediately.  No transfers, no disconnects.  I got a customer survey as you guys mention, and I was honest.  The problem was it was aimed at a business customer.  So my rep called me the next day, and I explained that.

As for Alienware?  They are no more.  They are now just a logo and a brand that Dell owns.  I have an Alienware-branded Dell, and by the collection of issues on this Area-51 alone, I know it is a Dell.  I would love to talk to the Costa Rica guys, as everyone says they are great, but I have no idea how to contact them.

So if I break it down, here is how I rate Dell:


  • Sales/Marketing: Excellent
  • Hardware: Excellent
  • Technical Support: Excellent
  • Customer Service: Very Good


  • Sales/Marketing: Excellent
  • Hardware: Good
  • Phone Technical Support: Worst Ever.
  • Phone Customer Service: Worse than Worst Ever.
  • Technical Support Forums (here): Very Good


System: Alienware Area-51: Core i7 920 @ 3.2 Ghz, OS:  Corsair Force Series GS Red 480GB; Data: 2x 300GB Western Digital VelociRaptor in RAID0 (OS/Games), RAM: CORSAIR DOMINATOR 12GB (3 x 4GB) DDR3 1600; Video: ATI 5970 + 5870

Displays: HP zr30w + Dell U2410 + Dell 2709W 27"

Peripherals: Belkin n52te, Logitech Driving Force Pro, Logitech G9, Alienware TactX Keyboard, TactX headset, PS3 Dual-Shock3 controller (using MotionJoy)


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I 've had the worst experience with Alienware and my m17x... here are the issues

1. noise coming from m17x(all powerful) it was diagnosed as coming from optical drive.

2.optical drive was replace but technician left gashes in back of vent and another gash on LED panel.

3.(week later) everything on the screen starts turning orange.

4.(same week) one of the video cards is losing power forcing the other video card to over compensate and heat up(to the point where its hot to the touch)the keyboard.

5. the same noise from the first initial problem has came back.

So i called Alienware spent countless hours explaining the problem and letting them know that I'm at my wits in with this system and that i purchased complete care as well. All they said is that they will keep replacing part after part and will not replace the system. Not to mention the Dell technician that came to my house had never even seen that model laptop before. God knows what he did when he put it back together. Even if you have multiple problems on your system ALIENWARE WILL NOT REPLACE IT.they will Frankenstein your machine part after part. Finally I've giving up and I'm just going to send it back to alienware for repairs. BTW it took from 9:3am  until 5pm to finally get a dispatch # for them to send a return box to me and when i got the confirmation email my information was still wrong after i told several people the same info over and over again. i politely told the last alienware rep that i will never in my life buy another alienware system.

 My Alienware rating is a F, they worked hard for it.



I give the following ratings:

 "good" to Chris-M here and the technician who came to my house to replace the PSU,

"fair" to Del phone support,

"poor" to alienware phone support.

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