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Sudden unexpected shutdowns and hidden file

Hello everyone, i currently own an M17x R3 alienware laptop, ive had it for a good couple months, but during the past month, the laptop has had around 5 to 6 unexpected shutdown issues..the computor would shut off, and then restart and go back to the log in screen, and when i relogin, it says there was an unexpected shutdown and sends the problem off to be solved


So is this a real issue that will affect the entire computor, or just something that with a little fix, will work as good as new


Also, everytime i manually shut down my computor, the screens grays out a little to tell me a program is running in the backround without listing it, and ive made sure on all occasions to close down all the programs running besides the Avast anti virus and other essentail programs. and yes i have scanned my computor for viruses and nothing came up


so is this aso something to worry about, or again will a little fix make it all better

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Re: Sudden unexpected shutdowns and hidden file

the reason behind your random shutdowns are probly do to overheating problems I advise you to get a GPU temp monitor program to see how hot your GPU is getting and find a CPU temp monitor also to be sure your laptop isnt heating up past the Op-temp range. i have a topic for the GPU temp here>>>


also the hidden program on the shutdown i have that on my m14x along with my HP slimline its notting to worry about just close it out and youll be fine

Check out my youtube page


Alienware M14x

intel core i5 2.40Ghz

8GB DDR3 @ 1600mhz

Nvidia Geforce GT 555m 1.5GB

windows 7 64bit home

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