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Windows 10 wont recognize Radeon M290x twin cards and Catalyst Manager not starting.


I recently installed Windows 10 on my Alienware 18 and everything was just dandy.....for a while. I visited the DELL Alienware site and found there were new drivers for the video card and downloaded them (hoping they stop the 30hz flickering on HDMI connected ASUS PB287Q monitor)

After installing the AMD Driver Video_Driver_83G9K_WN32_15.200.1045_A00.exe  (not intel)  I checked device manager and found there's a new driver called intel(R) HD Graphics 4600. 
Catalyst wont start and theres a new menu Intel Graphics menu which bring up intel screen control options.


1. Catalyst wont start so i cant combine my screens into a single desktop 

2. My rig has twin Radeon M290x cards and not a single Intel 4600.

What i've tried.

a. uninstalled amd drivers and used the cleanup utility to clear everything then Installed the original dell M290x driver (Video_Driver_D24NC_WN_13.251.3_A02_2.exe). this installs but has errors towards the end.  Rebooted.....nothing. first i get the basic microsoft driver and then after a few seconds windows 10 installs the Intel 4600.

b. unpacked the original M290x drivers into a folder and tried updating the driver in device manager manually by pointing to the folder with the config files. This doesnt work and windows 10 reports that the M290x driver is not compatible with the version of windows.


How do i get back Catalyst manager and the correct drivers for my graphics cards.



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RE: Windows 10 wont recognize Radeon M290x twin cards and Catalyst Manager not starting.

I had a problem like this awhile back on my A17. Mine has an HD4600 and a R9290X. And I lost the R9 when i updated a driver. What I had to do what flash the bios on it beacuse the computer had lost it completey. Once I did that, it saw the card and I was able to re get the drivers. Tho mine didnt happen when I updated an OS so it may or may not fix it. But I suppose if you have tried everything else then it would be worth a try.

On a side note. I get my drivers from AMD themselves. Never had much luck with the Dell ones. And I assume the reason why it keeps giving you the 4600 ones is because it is trying to use the one board from the processor by default for whatever reason.

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RE: Windows 10 wont recognize Radeon M290x twin cards and Catalyst Manager not starting.

Thanks for taking time to answer. I decided to go back to windows 8.1 and face the issue later on.

On 8.1 the correct drivers are installed and the twin cards are seen.

I'll try later to go back to win10 and do a bios flash as suggested.

Thanks again for your help.

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