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XPS Exchange to Alienware Pt 2 - the question

The service tech installed the slave 5870 and the machine refused to boot.  No BIOS, no nothing - Any ideas?  I found nothing to pre-configure in A05 BIOS or in the Catylist Command Center.

Yep, they are building me a new machine - how exciting!

from XPS2010 --> to Alienware M17x-R2
CC OSD V_113
I7-720QM, 1.6, 6MB, Clarksfield, B1
8GB1333MHZ, 512X64, 8K, 200 DIMM
ATI 5870 CrossX
Dell 8.692.2.0 (2/3/2010)
ATI HD Audio
IDT HD Audio Codec
Seagate 320GB 7200
Dvd+/-Rw, 8X, Sony Nec Optiarc Inc
17WUXGA 1920x1600
No add-on
Keyboard or Mouse
Win7 Ultimate 64b (Anytime Upg from Alienware Win7 Home Premium)

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Re: XPS Exchange to Alienware Pt 2 - the question

your lucky=) when i had a notebook go out on me that everyone had major issues from them that even had melted solder that gave me 2nd degree burns on my legs all they offered to do was fix it, and it didnt even get fully fixed and failed again one month later. Same with the deskop I had... issues left and right as soon as i got it.... and they dragged it out so long the warranty was out. big reason I went back to building my own and purchasing high end notebooks directly from Sager the US branch of Clevo the company that does all the designs for the high end notebooks from dell/alienware/hp and so on the plus side is you dont get aftermarket parts, and 3-5 year warranty on a few components to lifetime on the rest.

 Alienware Not Inside <----Clicky My Computer Dell/Alienware Would had charged me over 10k for my setup....Build your own its Cheaper/Better!

Cost of Hardware $3680, 2-3 Parts on a 3-5 Year Warranty, Lifetime Warranty on the rest. 2hrs to build including installing os and software. Priceless[Y]

My Video Driver Upgrading/Installation Trouble shooting Guide "Covers GPU heat issues and cooling, 3+ Years and running on the EVGA Forums"

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