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m11x processor-cpu upgrades possible?

Received an m11x laptop as graduation gift 2 years ago (2010) and alot of newer games are harder to run on it, so looking to upgrade if possible to at least a 2.3 ghz

Intel core 2 duo (1.3gh, 800mhz, 3mb)

4gb ram

1gb NVIDIA GeForce GT 335m graphics

I spoke to a customer service agent from dell a while back, and they told me it wasn't upgrade-able. I don't know much about the internal parts of computers, so if someone can tell me specifics if even possible to do so. A friend told me that i would need to replace other components to run the new processor or something. any help is appreciated.

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Re: m11x processor-cpu upgrades possible?

The m11x has a soldered on CPU, so its not really user servicable.

Search google for "m11x pin mod"  It will allow you to overclock the cpu more than stock allows for.

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