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17 R4, GPU issues after motherboard replacement

Weird glaze over reflections/shadows,  black dot pixels over all highly aliased edges,  flickering textures,  Chrome looking walls with screenspace reflections,  white pixel dots everywhere.

This kind of stuff was happening before with my previous motherboard and GTX 1070 that was in that motherboard.  My old motherboards audio circuit/or chip was failing as well(could not get power to internal speakers at all,  the internal speaker header was completely dead according to a multimeter reading).  

So I got a replacement motherboard yesterday and installed it.  Everything is working good again(including audio) and the new motherboard seems to be working much more stable,  however I am still getting the same exact artifacting issues in games.  

Here are 2 videos of 2 games I am experiencing these issues in.  Control and Ghost Recon Breakpoint(also same issues in Resident Evil 2,  witch I played on my old laptop with a GTX 1060 MaxQ in it and never had any of these issues).


Please help,  is the VRAM borked?  Not likely they sent me a new motherboard with the VRAM having the same issues,  is there anything I can do here?

Is it only me with these weird ugly graphics issues?
white pixels, distorted screenspace and global reflections, black pixels on "aliased" edges(screens, grates, vents, fences especially). Same thing happening in all newer titles.
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Re: Graphical issues on Alienware 17 r4(even after motherboard replacement)

Come on can I get some response on these issues?


This has got to be fried VRAM issue,  this is happening even after purchasing a new motherboard from dell and having it installed into the system.  The same issue.

Every game I attempt to play on this laptop has some sort of artifacting,  some small,  some large like in this video.

I should not have had to pay for a new motherboard in the first place(even if my laptop is out of warranty),  it was only 1 year old when these issues began occurring and I know for a fact that the issue was originally caused by a manufacturing defect(improper heatsink installation on my system) as 5 out of 8 VRAM chips had no contact with the heatsink at all!

I had to pay dell for a new motherboard and the one they sent has this same artifacting issue.  Somebody at dell please help me out!

What the hell, artifacts of this sort in every game I play. Is my VRAM fried or what? This is the second motherboard I have replaced into this laptop and still these graphics artifacts persist.
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