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17 R5, Norton Firewall blocking Rtkauduservice64.exe

Hi all. Loving my new Alienware 17 R5. I do have one concern. I updated my audio driver Realtek ALC3266, downloaded from Dell and ever since, Norton has been blocking Rtkauduservice64.exe as a moderate risk. I have noticed that if I have a program crash, it is at the same time that Norton blocked this file. Norton reports - C:\Windows\System32\Rtkauduservice64.exe Severity = Medium Unauthorized access blocked (Access Process Data) Doing a Google search on this gave mixed information with some stating it is malware, while others said it was okay. I can't seem to get a clear idea of exactly what this file does, if I need it and if I do, what to do about this error. Thanks for any advice.

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Re: 17 R5, Norton Firewall blocking Rtkauduservice64.exe

I have the exact same issue occurring.

File - rtkaudservice64.exe

Signed by Microsoft, listed safe with Norton

Logs show it continues to access or modify my Norton, so I have the same issue, a long and roughly written experience below

Originally I was using Windows Defender, and I kept noticing my offline scan was disabled. Whenever this occurs it's a 99% chance of malware/rootkit.

I ended up wiping my PC a few times to still find, the offline scan would disable after a time. Upon looking in the logs, I found that my offline scan was being disabled in the registry. (I didn't put any old files on the computer)

I found the string that was changed, so I attempted to turn windows defender back on by changing the service to a 1, it said I need admin (which I had)

I installed Norton, without wiping the PC, when windows defender didn't work. I wasn't able to fully do an offline scan with Norton either, it would always end in an error; it also kept saying something was on the PC, but it would crash and not be able to erase / quarantine it

Fast forward to now, I wiped my PC today, fresh install of Norton, and rtkaudservice64.exe was attempting to access Norton, so I disabled the service, and completely deleted it from my PC

Now I have no issues, this is really strange from a signed driver

This was an extremely rushed explanation

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