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17 R5, cannot connect to Xbox One?

I wanted to put my xbox one into my pc so i wouldent have to buy a monitor, i plugged in an hdmi cable, and after, there was nothing. I tryed EVERYTHING after that, please, for your sake, help me get my xbox to work on my alienware 17 R5.

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Re: 17 R5, cannot connect to Xbox One?

When you say you want to "put my xbox one into my PC", are you saying you want your Xbox to display its video output on your Alienware's built-in display?  That's not going to work.  The HDMI port on the Alienware system is an output so that you can connect it to a TV, not an input.  However, if you install the Xbox app on your Alienware system, you can actually stream games from your Xbox to your PC over the network, and you can even have the controller connected directly to the PC rather than the Xbox.  To do that, any Xbox One controller can be connected to a PC via USB cable or Xbox Wireless adapter, and if you have the newer version of the Xbox One controller that includes a 3.5mm jack, you can also use Bluetooth, although I believe certain features aren't available when you connect that way and you can only connect one controller at a time over Bluetooth.  However, I don't think you can use the Xbox app's game stream feature to remotely control the Xbox even in the Home screen and such, so you'll probably end up needing a monitor or TV for your Xbox.

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