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Alienware 13 R3 laptop failed to work after 3 month of normal use, and terrible technical support


Hi all.

I am writing this post so that people won't make the same mistake of buying an Alienware laptop like I did and also to see if there are other people who have been through the same situation as me.

So I bought this Alienware 13 R3 laptop on December 3rd 2017, by the time it was delivered to me, it was already the end of December. The first month of use was fine, but by the end of February 2018, the battery stopped charging when plugged in.

I called technical support on March 2nd, and the technical representative decided to send an onsite-technician to replace my motherboard, power cord inside the laptop and the AC adapter.

However, after the first fix on March 6th by the technician, the battery still won't charge. So I called technical support again immediately and they decided to send another technician to replace the motherboard and power cord again, and also replace the battery. Shockingly after the technician finished replacing those parts, the computer can no longer be turned on. It has became a brick.

I spent one hour negotiating with Dell technical support on the phone just to be told off over and again.

SR number associated with this case: <Case number removed>

My reasoning is:

1. The quality of the laptop does not live up to its high price. When I paid almost $2000 for a laptop, I didn't expect it to have a recurrent problem within the first three month of normal use. I'd rather just go with a cheaper laptop if I knew this is going to happen so that I will be less disappointed.

2. The technicians sent by Dell have failed to do their job, twice, and I am the one who is actually paying for their failure by wasting my time - does Dell expect customers to always be available MON thru FRI during work hours to waste their time on technicians?

3. Refurbished replacement parts failed me today, March 09, 2018. The 1st technician came in on March 6th and his repair failed. Today the 2nd technician came in and did the replacement of parts. The 2nd failure was due to the motherboard newly replaced, according to the technical support rep: Jose Bablo Lippi and his supervisor: Nicole, the problematic motherboard is the reason why the laptop won't turn on. Dell uses refurbished replacement parts for my 3-month-old Alienware laptop (confirmed with technical support agent Jonathan Solano), this laptop just doesn't feel new to me anymore, it feels and indeed is very, very used, from inside out - refurbished parts on the inside and chassis which has been pried open and snapped back over and again.

4. Robotic responses from all the technical support representatives and their supervisors, they all insisted that the laptop has to be fixed 3 times before they consider replacing it with a new one for me. I am well acquainted with the 3-times-rule by now, but what I need is a new laptop. I feel taken advantaged of by being forced into agreeing to the 3rd repair that's yet to come because all of the representatives refused my request for the laptop to be replaced and forced me into agreeing a 3rd repair. None of them seemed to understand that this is a 3-month-old laptop which has already been repaired twice (unsuccessfully) and their three-time-rule should be ashamed of itself.

Now, I am stuck with a brick full of refurbished replacement parts that won't even turn on, and I am readying myself to waste yet another few hours for the 3rd technician to visit. All the technical support personnel said that they were sorry to hear my situation, but actually I am sorry too! I am so sorry that I spent almost $2000 on a piece of garbage and now I have to deal with the garbage customer support associated with this purchase. All I want is for them to replace my laptop with a new unit for me.

I will never buy anything from Dell again, and I will make sure that all the people I around me will hear my story and get the message.





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Re: Alienware 13 R3 laptop failed to work after 3 month of normal use, and terrible technical suppor


I'm very sorry to hear about your experience. We can review your case to confirm if there is something that we can do from our end. You can send me your Service Tag or case number in a private message and we will look into it. 

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