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Apps and taskbar not working

Hello, I’ve had my Alienware laptop for more than 3 years now, and this is the first time I’ve had a serious issue with it. I recently updated to the newest windows update, and now my computer won’t work. My mouse works comepletely fine, along with the log-in screen. But once I’m logged in my computer takes 10-20 minutes to set up. Then, once it’s set up I’m unable to click on the taskbar or any apps. When I click on them nothing happens. I scanned my computer for hardware issues and viruses (on safety mode), but it said it was all good. Can any please help me?? Thank you!

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Re: Apps and taskbar not working


Did you also run a PSA test from the Boot menu (F12)? If you haven't, please try running that test and let us know if your receive any errors. 

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