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Area-51m, side exhaust

Ok so I ordered a area 51M with a I7 9700k and a rtx 2060. I just read something that the base model with the i7 8700 and the 2060 does not have side exhaust. So I guess I will only have one side that will have a side exhaust. Also what happens if I ever decide to upgrade the gpu. Probably have to change the heat pipes too. Why would they block these vents. I'm guessing I made a mistake to buy this system if I have to buy a power bar, gpu and heat pipes to upgrade. Hope someone can answer this question so I can cancel my order. 

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The i7-9700 with RTX 2060 has 2 side vents left and right cause this 9 generation video cards. So later you can upgrade this to RTX 2070 and up no problem and don't need to upgrade heatsink pipe or thermal.


Will get your feedback to our marketing team and engineers to remove this info from the site and any other place where it is. We got the info from our official sources and this is what we got too, just like you all did.

If this is incorrect, it does need to be corrected .Thanks again for pointing it out.

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Hello all,

We've been digging to find the most accurate info we could get for you about this. The 2060, indeed, as Umar mentioned on his tweet has a different design. However, the PC's upgradeability is not affected by this. You can always get the 2060 version and upgrade it down the road to the 2070/2080. Do keep in mind that you will need a new thermal module too if you decide to do so in the future.

Here are some pictures to explain how the 2060's thermal module is different on the side from the 2070/2080.

2060 side module.jpg


2060 top module.jpg


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I ended up canceling this order. Why add cheaper cooling on the 2060 makes no sense. The CPU will run hotter if you have the 9th gen CPU. 

I 100% agree with u. I am a big fan of alienware. This cheap policy realky madd me upset. Still will try out 2060.leta see or else i will return

Is the updated base version with the 9700 and 2060 still using this thermal module or has it been upgraded to the same thermal module used with the 9700K /9900K since the 9700 is an 8 core CPU?

If you have a 2060 system with an i9 then it comes with the bigger heatsink with all sides exhaust. 

Thank u very much for ur reply n infos. I got confirmation from the manufactur team that yes the thermal is designed differently but all the model has vent on the side. It is just that 2060 inside exhaust is designed differently. 2060 has the same vents on both side like 2070 n 2080 but no exhaust. So i am keeping my order will try out 2060. Still dont get the point why alieware does that to save few bucks. I paid more than 2200++ for 2060. Once again thanks n appreciated. 

@Kkikiki Did you really get the area 51m with the 2060? What can you tell us about the side vents/exhaust and what impact does it have on the heating? There seems to be a lot of misinformation about this topic and Alienware's website (in the Uk/Ireland at least) still has the info about 8700 + 2060 not having side exhausts, even though the 8700 is not even available anymore.

So, will the side vent cooling solution be offered as an upgrade option via the Dell store, and if so when will they be available?

Currently, the only items availble are extra power supplies.

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