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Complaint department need help and escalation

OK so I ordered a new Alienware when the sale was on.  I was expecting delivery and checked the day before to find it had been cancelled with no emails or notifications etc.  trying to contact the complaints department to get resolution is impossible.  When you are spending £3000 on a laptop I expect better service.

all I get is customer service who on the initial conversation I had 2 agents transfer me back to the reception as they obviously do not like dealing with unhappy customers.  ihave been on the phone now for over 2 hours trying to get resolution and sent many emails to effectively be fobbed off.  if it was not for the fact that I like alienwares(this will be my 4th) I would use another supplier, and to make matters worse if I was to order the exact same item again it will cost me another £300. 

is there anyone on here that can assist in getting me the desired outcome?

what makes matters worse is that as I work abroad this delivery was timed to me being home and as such I have <14 days to get this sorted and delivered to my house.

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Re: Complaint department need help and escalation

If your window is that tight on time, forget making a custom order - you will not receive the system in time.  Buy locally if Alienware systems are sold near you, or order from somewhere that has what you're looking for in stock and ready to go - Amazon, Newegg, CDW, etc. in the US;  check locally elsewhere.

The supply chain for these extends more than halfway around the world - Dell/Alienware takes the order, but the systems are built and configured by ODMs in China.  Delays are not uncommon, particularly for systems built with parts in short supply (and many -- particularly faster -- Intel CPUs are currently on allocation worldwide, as Intel has had production problems ramping up volume with newer CPUs).


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