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Laptop is horrible

I bought a 3.5k Alienware 17 laptop last year, and it worked well for the first 9 months.  After that the performance was awful and it would over heat whenever I was playing a game it easily ran on the lowest settings to keep it from over heating and it would last about an hour or so before it would stop charging and then performance went to **bleep**.  The mother board also fried itself and they replaced one of my hard drives after the first one gave out and it won't show up in the system.  In turn don't buy Alienware as my own personal custom built PC that I built 4 years ago and have only changed out the graphics card every few years (the laptop and PC have the same graphics card).  I also spent less money on my custom PC than Alienware charged me for this POS that I would never recommend to anyone.

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Re: Laptop is horrible

Hi @TheCassmagg,

We're sorry for the bad experience you have had with the system. If you still need help, please send me a private message with the Service Tag, a little explanation of current system issues and I will review your case. 

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