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m15 R2, unable to control the fan speed

Not sure if the original m15 R1 poster is experiencing the same issue as I'm having. I just spent $3600 on this top of the line m15 R2. During the first hour setup, I was playing around the Commend Center, I was able to choose different fan options, so I turned it up, right away the noise became very loud. After couple of hours of gaming, I wanted to set it back down to default, but the Thermal (Overclocking and Fan) options are no longer available!! It keep saying the software needs update, but it fails every time when I click on update! But sometime it will lead me to the MS Store to download Alienware FX 2.0, again it does not work or even download! This is so ridiculous, I'm thinking about returning my laptop too. For $3600, I expect Dell/Alienware would make the setup experience better?! I looked all over the net till 2 am, found zero solutions, Dell never replied to any the negative review for Command Center anywhere. I even reset my laptop to factory setting, but the result is the same. Now even if my laptop is idle, its making huge noise!! Any solution out there before I return it back to Dell??

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