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m17 R2, 2019, heat question

Since day one, when gaming, the laptop CPU is around 72°C and GPU around 69°C. But sides of the keyboard where the vent is very hot. Its gap between vent and keys on the keyboard (left side and right side between vent and keys). I am running on quiet mode and not overclocked. Is this supposed to be normal?

Reply from DELL-Cares agent =
After reviewing your system specs, we can see the unit came with an i7-9750H which is a powerful processor. Remember that you're running a high performance machine and that processor can take up to 100°C, so, the temperatures mentioned actually are looking good. The system will require to dissipate the heat through keyboard and vents since that is the design of the laptop so we can say is expected, we recommend you to make sure to have the laptop on a flat surface with good ventilation. If you notice too much heat, then a cool pad would be my next recommendation. But other than that if the unit is not creating performance issues, random shutdowns or anything like that, then is working as per design. The fans will always run while using a GPU intense software in order to ensure stability. You can modify the fans profile by using the Alienware Command Center APP. Also, use the AC adapter all the time while playing. The system will use it's hybrid mode (taking power from AC adapter and Battery) in order to ensure performance.