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Looking for some advice regarding a M1000e blade enclosure

My company has recently purchased a M1000e blade enclosure with fabric a, b and c, it has 5 blades.

fabric a is cisco ws-cbs3130G-S

fabric b is cisco ws-cbs3130G-S

fabric c is brocade M5424 8Gbps FC

This is my first attempt at installing blade technologies. Can you recommend any documentation that would aid me in doing this?

I'm also not 100% certain I'm sure how blade technologies handle the networking. Could someone explain this to me or point me in the direction of documentation?

Kind regards,

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Peter Tsai
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RE: Looking for some advice regarding a M1000e blade enclosure

Hi Roy,

Congrats on the purchase of your first Dell Blade enclosure. Apart from the users guide, there's some great information on this external blog post - - it breaks down many of the features of the enclosure and it's an easy read.

Also, since you are new to Dell blades, I reccomend that you watch this to learn about the management features of our Chassis Management Controller (CMC).

Good luck!

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RE: Looking for some advice regarding a M1000e blade enclosure

What is it that you're unsure about in regards to the networking? It's a lot more simple than you probably think. Each blade is hard wired to a switch port in each fabric, so a blade in slot 1 is mapped to g/1/1 in each switch. In order to get access to anything other than fabric A, your blade needs to have a mezzanine card installed as an interface to that fabric. There are a couple variations that could make this a little complicated, such as the PowerConnect 6348 and quad port mezzanine NICs, but for the most part those are rare. Other than that, each blade switch is almost identical to a rack mount edge switch.
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