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Dell SC4020 - Live Volume


I plan to get two SC4020 and configure them for live volume on a single site.

All my servers will be running vSphere 6.0 U1.


1. If the primary SC4020 fails, will the secondary SC4020  take the entire load ? Will there be any down time?

2. Can I load balance between the  two SC4020 ? Can both Compellent host primary volumes at the same time ?

3. If I locate my secondary SC4020 offsite what bandwidth is recommended if I would deploy live volume ?

4. Will live volume work with both  iSCSI & FC?



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RE: Dell SC4020 - Live Volume

1. Yes - assuming they are sized properly to do that (both space and IOPS); Live Volume properly setup does not require downtime - it looks like multiple paths per LUN beyond the normal

2. Yes - although that is semi-manual; yes both can host active volumes

3. You will need sufficient bandwidth and latency to meet the requirements. That depends alot on your particular setup, but generally you are talking 1Gb/s or higher and 20ms or lower. (These are GUIDELINEs and not the official thresholds because its meaningless without rate of change data)

4. Yes

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