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$2,360 for a laptop that needs repairing after just 7 months

Back in August last year I purchased a Precision 5550 as my primary business laptop. Seven months on, I have started experiencing issues with the device. The screen functions freeze intermittently while I am working, which is extremely frustrating when I am in the middle of tasks.

Long story short, I have been in contact with Dell support for a few weeks now, as they try to diagnose the issue. After much testing and emails back and forth, the solution which has been offered to me is a technician visit my apartment to replace the fan in my laptop.

I have some problems with this as a solution. We're still in the middle of a pandemic and I live in New York, in an area which has been a COVID hot bed all year. I've been very careful so far as I have asthma, and have not been vaccinated yet. If I can avoid some stranger coming to my apartment and spending an hour or so here replacing the fan on my laptop which may or may not fix the problem I will avoid it.

There have been no accidents or physical damage to the laptop. It has been well looked after and has barely been moved from my office. So there is no reason for a hardware issue beyond a hardware malfunction.

I paid $2,360 for this laptop, less than 7 months ago! I am aware of the limitations of the warranty, but should I really be satisfied with having parts replaced after only 7 months, on a product this expensive?

A new replacement device seems to me not unreasonable given the extreme circumstances we are experiencing and the expense of the device in the first place.

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You won't be offered a replacement system until three repair attempts for the same problem fail.  No, it's not reasonable to expect one.  You can spend $150K on a new Mercedes or BMW, on which the alternator can fail at 7 months - you won't get a new car in exchange.  For that matter, even if the engine failed, you wouldn't.

If you're not comfortable with onsite service, the only other option is to return the system to Dell's repair depot (and be without the system for a couple of weeks).


The problem with this analogy is BMW stand behind its repairs and would finish them in a timely fashion.

Using a theoretical example of shoddy commerce to uphold an existing one does nobody any favors. Well, except Dell.  



We hope you are well. We can see that a dispatch has been set up to ship only the parts for the repair. It is still in its approval stages. We will keep you informed once it has been approved. 



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Good luck. I purchased a new xps 13 and it had a defective screen right out of the box. I've been waiting 9 days for an estimate when I can have it replaced and keep getting dragged along. If I don't get a response, I will be cancelling the order with my credit card company. 

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