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Dell Belgium unreachable for Dell Advantage consumers

I have been trying to purchase a 2-in-1 with a pen for weeks now.  The pen as advertised in the video is not in the options and it cannot be purchased separately on the belgian (dutch) site.  So I decided to contact Support, which is where things start getting totally ridiculous.

Hurdle 1: Hitting "Contact us" on the product page sends me to a page "We can't find the page you're looking for."

Hurdle 2: I then decided to report this to Dell_Advantage_EMEA@Dell.com reporting the error page and asking my question.  I got a standard response with the same dead link.  Obviously, those mails are not read, just replied with useless standard messages.

Hurdle 3: I then tried to contact Dell Belgium over the phone.  The french support page does work, so I tried that number, dialed in the options only to hear that the service I requested is unavailable: go to the website (which does not work)

Hurdle 4: escalation then.  This is also not available since I have no request number: the problem is that I am unable to place my request.


Can somebody get me a way to contact Dell Belgium and get an answer to my question?  That question is rather simple:  How do I order the pen for an inspiron 17 7773 (cn77303)? in the US site that is part number PN338M.


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