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Issue = DFO Australia sent wrong Optiplex

In the last 12 months I have placed orders for 10 computers (desktops and laptops) and 3 monitors from the DFO (Dell Factory Outlet) Australia. In the last 5 years I have placed orders for more than 50 computers, not to mention monitors and extended warranties.

Last week the DFO finally made a big mistake, they sent me the wrong computer. I purchased an OptiPlex 9010 with nice specs for $1027. I thought this was a good price for a 9010. When it arrived there was an OptiPlex 3010 in the box. It has the same specs as the 9010 advertised and strangely enough the same service tag as the 9010. When you look up the details of the service tag at the support page it says this system is an OptiPlex 9010. I contacted customer order support and they looked up the service tag and checked my order number and said yes the wrong computer has been sent, we will do a replacement and send you the right computer and you return the wrong one. We will contact you. After a few days of not being contacted I rang again and they tell me they are not able to rectify the situation, return the computer and they will give me a refund in 2 weeks. I said NO that's not acceptable just send me the system I paid for, it must be sitting in the DFO somewhere as you had it and listed it on the DFO site. Now they are saying that there never was a 9010 as the 3010 was put into the system by mistake as a 9010. I have been buying Dell's for over 5 years and it would be impossible for a computer to be built at the factory as a 3010 and be on the system as a 9010. Some parts would not be the same for a start. Anyway I accept their explanation and say well I might keep the 3010 but how about a bit of a refund or an extra years warranty because I paid top dollar for a refurbished 3010 that was listed at a 9010 price. There is a big difference in quality between the 9010 and the 3010. They flatly refused to do anything. So now  I have 2 options either -
1. Keep the overpriced refurbished computer.
2. Return the computer and wait 2 weeks for the refund.

I must be an because I always thought Dell were honorable, and I thought as they made the mistake there would be a bit of compassion for a good customer.

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Re: Issue = DFO Australia sent wrong Optiplex

Hi Bob,

Sorry to hear about your experience with your recent order. Send me a Private Message, click on my user name, and send me a message with the Order Number and Phone Number. I will be glad to look into it for you.

Thank you.

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