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Misleading Sales Tactics by Chat Sales Agent

On Nov 26, 2017 had a Chat dialog with a sales agent regarding the purchase of a XPS Special Edition.

I was just about to purchase the computer when I was told by the sales agent and I quote,

"this system will ONLY come with 1-yr MAIL-IN warranty & HARDWARE ONLY support which means if something needs to be replaced on your computer you have to send this back to us to fix it & that will take 10-14 BUSINESS days"

This is, in fact, WRONG.  From the Dell website, "The XPS Special Editions come through with 1 year Hardware Service with Onsite/In-Home Service after Remote Diagnosis".

He did tell me that I could, at additional cost, purchase supplemental support at additional cost which would provide on-site service. 

Clearly the agent was giving false information in order to pressure me to purchase a supplemental support policy.   I am sure there is probably a nice commission for any upsells but to purposely mislead a potential customer is inexcusable.

I've always purchased and recommended Dell PCs, but I think it might be time to move on. 


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RE: Misleading Sales Tactics by Chat Sales Agent

Hi jiminnh,

Thanks for posting.
Apologies for your recent sales experience.
Yes.  You are correct.  My suggestion would be to order directly from the online page, or call back and speak to another agent, as it appears that one was not familiar with the promotion.

Dell-Robert P
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